Please summarise this article based on the London riots.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This particular article on the London Riots focuses on the consumerist element of the rioters.  The article brings out a very interesting perspective on the riots.  In a consumerist and technologically driven age, the article suggests that the riots were not driven by a political or social agenda.  Rather, they were driven by the fact that the youth who rioted have been marginalized from this economic reality.  One of the points that the article makes is that the riots are these individuals' way of trying to reenter this domain that has been closed off from them.  The article makes clear that there is a nihilistic element to the riots in that the rioters are not really driven, outwardly, by political change.  They simply wish to gain material items.  The article does point out that this only enhances their own "criminality," and suggests that it is difficult to take the claims of social justice seriously when seeing rioters bust into a clothing store, trying on different outfits before taking what they want.  Yet, the article also points out that this materialism is a part of this particular youth's approach, demonstrating the lack of fear of going to jail over a pair of sneakers.  It is here where there is a sociological analysis of this particular generation, and in the process some profound analysis that sees this group as more than simply "criminals."