Please summarise this article about the London riots.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This particular analysis offered by Rev. Sharpton uses the London Riots as a way to speak of the condition that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood so firmly against.  The article argues that the London Riots were caused by the "hopelessness" and economic challenges that young people face.  In this manner, Rev. Sharpton is making clear that the rioters are motivated from a sociological point of view.  After this, Rev. Sharpton pivots to his own experience in protests in the early 1990s where Black youth felt equally disenfranchised as the British youth who rioted in London.  Rev. Sharpton's larger points transcends both conditions of rioting and speaks of the recently passed date of memorializing Dr. King.  Rev. Sharpton makes the argument that the only way in which these riots and outbursts will stop is if there is a larger embrace of the universal message of love and acceptance that marked the teachings of Dr. King.  In Sharpton's mind, this is the only way that riots and outburts that are motivated by racial animosity, economic silencing, and social marginalization will end.  Dr. King's approach to embrace all and include everyone in his own vision of a democratic experiment is what Rev. Sharpton sees as the antidote to the pain and suffering that is endemic to both the London Riots and the racial antagonism that has and still is a part of the American social fabric.