Please summarise the main points of this article about the inequality of the London riots.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The article makes the argument that the sociological understanding of the London riots is the only way to really grasp why the uprising happened.  The article asserts that the core of the riots happened in areas that are economically disadvantaged.  As reflective of the idea of a "Broken Britain," this state of affairs is something that requires analysis and thought.  The article asserts that the people in these communities are experiencing a combination of long standing marginalization from the sociological, economic, and political reality of England, but also are feeling the current hurt of cutbacks in providing social services to these individuals.  This helps to further discontent in these communities:

Long-term tensions between police and youth, a dearth of opportunities for children from disadvantaged areas and visible inequalities where the wealthy often live just yards away from run-down city estates have also been highlighted.

The combination of a fragmented past and a present that is being pinched even more with the current economic crisis has contributed to a state of being wherein those who riot do not feel connected to their social setting.  When the opportunity to riot presented itself, these youth did not feel the need to oppose this because of this lack of connection; the article asserts the real cause of the riot lirs present for all to see.  The sociological and economic approach to understanding the riots is the critical point in this analysis.