Please suggest a case study on the topic of changes in agricultural practices. Topic: to study the impact of changes in agricultural practices or animal husbandry over a period of time in a given locality or village. (if possible suggest in India)

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India would be a good country to investigate in terms of the subject, agricultural improvements and animal husbandry.  The Republic of India has quite a lengthy past worthy of researching, during most of which India has been involved in agriculture.  A good case study, or at least a good area to start in, would be to investigate specific improvements in India's series of five-year plans, which were a policy by the government to become more involved in India's agricultural efforts in an attempt to improve the amount of capital produced.  The first five-year plan occurred between 1951 to 1956 and involved the government in all economic sectors, many of which were agriculturally based.  In any event, India represents a veritable treasure-trove in terms of opportunities representing the areas of agricultural improvements and animal husbandry.

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