Please share your experience on self serve dog wash service and let me know whether it’s good to take my pet there

iklan100 | Student

Hello. I guess that such servics would vary quite a lot from dog wash to dog wash? I mean with respect to standards available on location, although as shrinjoeyl says, above, its a good experience to be able to bathe/wash your dog youself and develop a further level of bonding. Also, i my humble experience (I have 6 dogs and have taken them all for a wash often!) such paces have many facilities taht we dont have available at home, which for me is a big incentive, its just not humanly physially possible to wash even one dog at my home/flat ('apartment' for those who live elsewhere).

I would certainly recommend it. Why not try one out?

I'm guessing only that you folk are in the USA, so am giving a US link below. Good luck!