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A force of 134 N is applied upwards at an angle 24.5 degrees to the vertical.

The x-coordinate of this force is `134*sin 24.5 ~~ 55.6` and the y-coordinate of this force is `134*cos 24.5 ~~ 122` N.

As a vector the force applied is `F = 55.6*hatx + 122*haty` .

The application of the force moves the ball vertically upwards by 1.03 m. This displacement as a vector is `D = 0*hatx + 1.03*haty`

The work done by when a force F is applied leading to a displacement of D, is the scalar dot product of F and D. Here, F = `55.6*hatx + 122*haty` and `D = 0*hatx + 1.03*haty` , the work done is equal to `F@D = 55.6*0 + 122*1.03 = 125.66` J

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