Please review an array of memory strategies that young children typically use.

Expert Answers
crmhaske eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As humans age, our memory strategies become more sophisticated and purposeful.  Interventions that teach people how to maximize their ability to create and recall memories further improves this process.  Naturally, the strategies used by children are not as directed and refined.  It is often the case that in order to use any kind of strategy at all, children must be externally directed to do so, not only to start the process but for what to do.  This is especially true of pre-school children who use visual perception and naming to remember novel stimuli, and do not reliably engage in mental strategies such as rehearsal.

Rehearsal is the basic of all memory strategies and the first to be used. This behaviour commonly emerges around the age of seven.  Rehearsal is the process of mentally repeating the information we wish to remember, such as if you were trying to remember a phone number.  By this age, direction from others is not required.