Please reveal the epiphany at the end of Greasy Lake.

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The character at the beginning sees the the nature as antagonistic and a one-lane shopping mall, somewhere boring and uneventful. The protagonist and his friends were acting as if 'courtesy and winning ways went out of style' and behaved recklessly although most of the pranks were harmless. They decided to pull a prank on their friend 'Tony Lovett' and found a car on the top the hills, only to find that his friend was in fact a 'greasy' big man. They are soon involved in a violent fight. The protagonist strikes the guy with a tire iron and the big guy falls to the ground unconscious, then runs to the island, away from the crime scene. When he trips over and falls into the lake to find the dead body of 'Al', he experiences an awakening. The falling in the lake represents his rebirth and a spiritual reassessment where his view on nature changes completely. The 'big man' coming back to life represents a prize or award of the character's rebirth and he describes the nature as 'primordial' which directly contrasts his previous views on nature. Even when the girls ask them to join them later on, he refuses the offer, proving how influential and effective his epiphany after the incident was.

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