The Odyssey Questions and Answers
by Homer

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In The Odyssey, what is the importance of Odysseus' physical, emotional, and heroic journey?

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The Odyssey is an epic poem, and epic poems demonstrate certain literary conventions. They relate the deeds of an epic hero--a courageous man, physically strong, who pits himself against dangerous enemies to accomplish a worthy goal, one that will benefit others. Also, the epic hero demonstrates the values of his culture. Through his actions, he represents what his people admire in human behavior and what they aspire to be.

An epic poem centers around a journey, or a quest, that the hero undertakes against seemingly impossible odds. The epic hero is not superhuman and does not possess supernatural powers. He is not a man without fear; he is heroic because he puts his fears aside and...

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alfredowp95 | Student

the promt is telling you to talk about how the journey of odysseus in the odyssey is central to the book. if there was no journey, there would be no book.

the physical journey is odysseus's journey from troy to ithica, which takes him across all of greece, creates an atmosphere that is perfect for the telling of a story, or an epic as in this case. it is probably the most central and key aspect of the novel, mainly because it is where the narrator derives his material to tell the story of odysseus.

the emotional journey is that which involves any emotions of odysseus, such as when he is in crete with circe, his frustration when the winds he carries in his bag are let loose, the loss when he remains on calypsos island for seven years, and the universal emotion of love which compels odysseus to return home to penelope

the heroic journey is the epic, the blood and gore and awesomeness of odysseus: how he escapes from each and every place, how he battles different creatures, and how he is able to survive poseidon's damnation