Please put the following events in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in chronological order. A) Brutus and the conspirators bathe in Caesar's blood. B) Antony moves the citizens of Rome to riot after reading Caesar's will.C) Brutus and Cassious discuss the current political situation in Rome and about Caesar.D) Casca begins Caesar's assassination.E) Calpurnia warns Caesar ecuse of here dreams.And . . . A) Marullus and Flavius discourage citizens of Rome to attend Caesar's introduction.B) Antony sends word to Octavius concerning the state of things in Rome.C) The soothsayer first warns Caesar to "Beware the Ides of March."D) Brutus' speech convinces the plebians the murder was justified.E) Artemidorus tries to stop the assassination by giving Caesar a note before Caesar enters the Capitol.

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It seems clear, from your question, that your teacher would like you to order events from the play as some sort of evidence that you have, in fact, read it.  These events are quite obvious in the play and not obscured by "understanding" Shakespeare's use of language. In fact, any modern paraphrasing of the meaning of the text would also yield to you this sequence of events.  You should at least read one of these. (Enotes has a copy of the play...

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