Please provide a summary of Michael Doyle's “Kant, Liberal Legacies, and Foreign Affairs" article.  

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Doyle's article elaborates on, and upholds the tenets of, democratic peace. Democratic peace is the idea that democracies rarely go to war with one another. Most scholars in the field of international relations vouch for the veracity of this theory.

This theory originated with Immanuel Kant. In 1795, he published Project for a Perpetual Peace. Although Kant was an eminent philosopher, his theory received little attention until the the mid-1980s.

Michael Doyle's Kant, Liberal Legacies, and Foreign Affairs appeared in 1983. The thesis of his influential article was that Kant was right: democracies rarely go to war with each other. Kant's prescient view of the world had become a reality. Doyle and other scholars used modern quantitative methods to support Kant's concept.

The concept has also influenced recent presidential administrations in the United States to promote democratic peace by spreading democracy. For instance, President Bill Clinton sought to spread peace and democracy during the...

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