Please provide evidence of the author's (Jerry Spinelli) opinion of Stargirl in four words from the book Stargirl.  

Expert Answers
tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is a professor named Archibald Hapwood Brubaker who is introduced in chapter seven. The boys go to him for advice about Stargirl, and even though he is cryptic sometimes, he has information about her that no one else does because he used to teach her at his home. It can be argued that the character of Archie carries with him the understanding of Stargirl that Jerry Spinelli would. It's as if this adult character tells the boys what Jerry Spinelli would want them to know about Stargirl. For example, as Kevin and Leo are trying to piece together the puzzle that is Stargirl, they wonder about her names. They ask Archie why she has called herself names such as Pocket Mouse, Mudpie, and Hullygully. Archie defines Stargirl with four words: "Whatever strikes her fancy" (33). These four words do describe Stargirl because she is so random that no one understands her. She follows the path that strikes her as interesting, fun, or compassionate. The only person who truly understands what her fancies are, is herself; but Archie, being an educated and experienced adult, also has insight into her personality, which he imparts to his students when they ask.