Faust Questions and Answers
by Johann Goethe

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What are clear examples that connect Goethe's Faust to Rousseau's romantic ideals? 

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Since Rousseau didn't publish his first work, New Heloise, until 1760 and Goethe finished what is called the Urfaust in 1775, following The Sorrows of Young Werther, it must be stated that any connection between the two would not correctly reflect influence. In other words, Rousseau cannot be assumed to have influenced Goethe's work even though Goethe only completed and published Faust Part I in 1808, and this he only did at friends urgent promptings. The reason is that, having begun Romanticism with Werther, Goethe soon renounced Romanticism, after having written the Urfaust, as a result of seeing the end of a young woman's suicide; as she was pulled out of a frozen river, Goethe saw a copy of Werther in her pocket. Thus he abandoned the Romanticist Faust until urged to complete it, which he did in a neo-classical style, not a Romantic style. Yet it may be possible to say that the two connect because Goethe countered the tenets of Romanticism in Faust Part I.

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