The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

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Please provide a character sketch of Margot Frank from Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.

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Anne's sister, Margot Frank, is sixteen years old in 1942. She is a lot like her mother who is anxious and overwhelmed by stress at times. For example, when the Franks first move into the secret annex, Mrs. Frank and Margot both crash due to the stress and strain over going into hiding. Anne says that while she and her father tidied up the place and unpacked boxes, "Mummy and Margot were not in a fit state to take part; they were tired and lay down on their beds . . . Mummy and Margot were too tired and keyed up to eat" (19). This shows the first in a pattern in the Frank family--Mrs. Frank and Margot are...

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