What is the ‘Superbowl Commercial Ads’ main purpose? Is their point of advertising to make a humorous advertisement just for laughs or are they actually advertising their product?

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Super bowl ads are different from mainstream commercials in the fact that they reach such a gigantic audience. Often a company will spend a large percentage or even all of their annual advertising budget to buy a single Superbowl commercial spot. This alters their purpose just a bit, as one of the main points is to gain name recognition for their product, business or service. I would say that is more of their purpose that it is to sell any one thing, as those ads tend to be more specifically targeted towards one demographic. The ads that are humorous are just using time tested methods of getting people to 1) pay attention to the commercial and 2) to remember the product, company or service they are advertising.

lalithareddy | Student


When it comes to companies running Super Bowl commercials, Doritos is currently on a hot streak. Last year, the ads they ran during the big game were well received. After a company has a successful year of commercials, it’s common for them to be off in terms of their ads during the next year’s Super Bowl. However, Doritos avoided this problem by delivering another very popular commercial. While this commercial is actually fairly simple, it’s so cute and fun that it’s hard not to enjoy it. Check out what Doritos did to make another big score with this ad –

One of the strengths of this ad is that not only is it entertaining and memorable, but it actually does a good job of featuring Doritos chips throughout the ad. Far too many companies are so focused on making a funny commercial for the Super Bowl that they forget to make their product noticeable during the advertisement. While it’s great to have a commercial that people like, it’s not going to do nearly as much for your company when people only remember the ad and not the company that ran it.

Throughout the course of this ad, the main actor is holding up a bag of Doritos. Most of the commercial’s shots alternate between showing him and showing an adorable pug running towards the door. As the pug gets closer, you can’t help but worry about him a little bit. However, the commercial ends on a funny note that literally puts the pug on top!