Please provide an analysis of the poem "In Romney Marsh" by John Davidson, including the literary/poetic devices used such as structure, tone, imagery, theme, etc. 

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Davidson's "On Romney Marsh" is a landscape poem that observes and celebrates a sunset over the marsh, as seen from a place called Dymchurch Wall. Romney Marsh is a natural setting in the south of England near the sea, where people raise sheep.

The tone of the poem is gentle and appreciative of the beauty of the natural world that the speaker observes. The theme or message of the poem is that nature is beautiful and should be appreciated for its loveliness. The speaker suggests that we take the time to stop and drink in the beauty that surrounds us.

Imagery that conveys a sense of nature's rich beauty includes the following, a stanza describing the vivid, sensuous colors of the sky as the sun sets:

A veil of purple vapour flowed
And trailed its fringe along the Straits;
The upper air like sapphire glowed:
And roses filled Heaven's central gates.

Davidson uses the literary device of simile in the stanza above as he compares...

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