Please provide a summary of the topic below in 5–8 sentences. I have provided the link. Thank You.

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This is a relatively simply article, and I'm more than happy to offer you a summary.

It begins by saying that previous scientific research has found that African American men die twice as often from prostate cancer as white men. This fact suggests that there is some sort biological difference between the races in how they handle prostate cancer. This is not wholly unfounded, as there are some genetic, racial differences for certain diseases (i.e., sickle cell anemia).

The rest of the article goes on to show why this is not true. It talks about a study that looked at data where African American veterans and white veterans were given the same level of treatment for prostate cancer. The results of this data showed that African Americans survived prostate cancer at pretty much the exact same rate as white men, if not a small bit more. To the researchers, this proved that any difference in prostate cancer between the races is likely due to socioeconomic rather than biological factors. That is, the two races handle prostate cancer exactly the same, but African American men often have less access to good health care to treat it.

The article ends by noting some further research that should be done. It says that prostate cancer is more often developed by African Americans than whites and that it is often diagnosed at a younger age. They do not have a reasoning for this yet.

Hopefully this helps! Good luck!

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