Please provide 4 key points regarding how location, geography and trade influenced fashion during the ancient Grecian era?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Greeks were well placed with sea borders and so the maritime influence was prevalent in ancient Greek fashion.  Trade was therefore easy and popular. The Mediterranean climate meant that light weight linens were most preferred and their grapes (wine) and olives allowed for lucrative negotiations and exchange. They could also exchange skills, learning from their trade partners, meaning they were advanced in technology and ideas.  Ancient Greece is famous for its philosophers, mathematicians, historians and architecture. Architectural styles would have affected style preferences.   

The geography of the region was difficult due to the mountainous terrain which effected communication and allowed for the development of several "states," with autonomy. Farming was challenging and demanding and so the ability to trade and interconnect was crucial. Clothing therefore had to meet the demands of the environment and was even instrumental in developing effective channels by which to promote communication due to one community relying on another. It was the trade that inspired the Greek alphabet which would become the basis of modern communication.

The Greeks were able to learn much from their partners and adapted other cultures and customs into their own. Due to being able to trade and due to exposure to these other rich cultures, Greek fashion evolved rapidly. They were able to set up trading stations and , amongst other things, new textiles and precious stones were worked into the fashion and new styles were incorporated.  

Ancient Greek fashion influenced the Romans when they established themselves over Greece, ensuring that the Greek culture could survive through fashion and indeed architecture.