Please point out what aspects of the plot, dialogue or technique mark this story "Hills Like White Elephants" as an example of Modernism.Like Faulkner's "Barn Burning" this story is an example of Modernism, a literary movement, approximately from 1910-1941 that had the following four characteristics:1) Fragmentation of plot and time2) Social realism - depicting society as realistically as possible.3) Breaking previous literary traditions - specifically Romanticism (19th Century)4) Experimentation with language and technique.

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The plot of this story feels so fragmented because we are left to read between the lines, inferring lots of information based on what little is actually made explicit. We only have a vague sense that this story is taking place in the twentieth century, in part because of the language used and, in part, because of the railroad. We know we are in Spain, but that's not terribly specific. We are disconnected from the characters' pasts and futures, and even from their present because of our lack of definite knowledge.

People are depicted realistically. They drink, they hide their feelings or dissemble, they carry luggage, they argue. This is not some more romantic depiction where people feel connected and happy, where we don't see them engage in such details that are true to life.

Often, Romantic texts tend to focus on connections between people or even between people and Nature; this doesn't mean that a person cannot become alienated, but emotional, even sentimental, language is still going...

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