I need chapter summaries for The Cay. I have a major test tomorrow and I haven't finished reading.I really need these chapter summaries. 

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Chapter summaries for Theodore Taylor's novel, The Cay:

1.  Background exposition concerning the Enright's life on Curacao and the wartime conditions there.

2.  Phillip and his mother decide to leave the island.

3.  Their ship is torpedoed and Phillip finds himself aboard a raft with Timothy, a West Indian sailor.

4.  Aboard the raft, Phillip discovers he is blind.

5.  Another day aboard the raft.

6.  Timothy saves Phillip from the sharks after the boy falls overboard.

7.  They land on the cay.

8.  They settle down on the island.

9.  Timothy slaps Phillip after being insulted.

10.  A hard rain falls on their seventh day on the island.

11.  Phillip explores the island; Timothy believes the cay is bad luck.

12.  Timothy suffers from malaria.

13.  Timothy realizes that the two may be marooned forever, and he helps to prepare Phillip for a life alone.

14.  Timothy foresees the impending storm.

15.  The storm hits, and Timothy dies protecting Phillip from the hurricane.

16.  Phillip begins life on the island without Timothy.

17.  Phillip is attacked by a moray eel.

18.  Phillip hears a plane and awaits a possible rescue.

19.  Phillip is rescued. He undergoes a number of operations and eventually regains his sight. He returns to Willemstad.

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i have the same thing..

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