The Two Gentlemen of Verona Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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How would you paraphrase this quote from Two Gentleman of Verona: "In this manner she went on talking with a pretty, ladylike childishness, till, finding herself unable to make out the whole, and vexed at her own ingratitude in destroying such sweet and loving words, as she called them, she wrote a much kinder letter to Proteus than she had ever done before." ?

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A good way to paraphrase a quote you do not understand is to "chunk" it. Take is phrase by phrase and try to understand it in bits, and then string the whole thing together. This is often how I translate German to English when the sentences are complicated.

In doing this with the above quote, it might look something like this:

Julia had apparently been chatting with a feminine, quiet way before she read Proteous's letter, and afterward it appears that she kept speaking in her polite ways to make it look like the letter didn't affect her...until after pondering what she had just read and not being able to quite understand it, she paused her normal form of speech.

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