Please paraphrase the following: "The third estate of the electoral district of Carcassonne very humbly petitions his Majesty to take into consideration these several matters, weigh them in his wisdom, and permit his people to enjoy, as soon as may be, fresh proofs of that benevolence which he has never ceased to exhibit toward them and which is dictated by his affection for them."

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This line is taken from the Cahiers de doléances (or ledger of complaints) that were compiled by the three Estates in France in 1789 during a time of particular economic distress in the country. King Louis XVI had proposed taxing the First Estate (the clergy) and the Second Estate (nobility) for the first time. As might be expected, these two groups were not in favor of this proposition. The Third Estate primarily represented ordinary people, and they are the voice of the line you reference in this quote. The Estates General, with representatives from each of the three estates from areas throughout France, convened to decide the issue.

Before they begin their own Cahiers de doléances, the people want to establish a tone that will convey their respect for the position of the king. To paraphrase, this is how they open their list of grievances:

We who are members of the Third Estate in Carcassonne humbly ask you, King Louis XVI, to kindly consider these matters of great significance to us. We trust your wisdom and ask that you continue to demonstrate incredible kindness toward us, as you have always done, which is why we remain fond of you.

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