Please note differences and similarities in the main characters and theme in the movie and novel The Blind Side.

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yshaw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many differences and similarities between the book The Blind Side by Michael Lewis and the movie made from the book. 

The book states that Michael Oher needs to receive a 2.65 GPA to attend college where the movie states he needs the earn a 2.5 GPA. The book gives facts about football, and history of positions, whereas the movie does not. In the book it is said that Michael is a gifted football player, as apposed in the movie version it expresses that Michael has a lot to learn about the sport. 

In both the book and in the movie a similarity is that Michael Oher is the main character. Michael Oher is taken in by a family who gives him a home, and a family. The book and the movie portray Leigh Anne as a devout Christian. 

The themes in the book and the movie are the same: belief and kindness. Belief meaning you will see the greater good in a person. Kindness meaning you will willingly and honestly open your heart, home, and life to a stranger who needs you, and you will not expect anything in return. 

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