What narrative techniques are used in Robinson Crusoe?

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The narrative techniques included used in Robinson Crusoe include those of realistic fiction, autobiography, and spiritual autobiography. Crusoe narrates the events of the novel from his own point of view, and he includes not only his own biographical details but also his inner emotions. For example, at the beginning of the novel, he says of his origins: "Being the third son of the family and not bred to any trade, my head began to be filled very early with rambling thoughts." The reader has access to the biographical details about Crusoe's family and has insight into Crusoe's reaction to his family. For example, when his father urges him, even to the point of tears, to settle down to a predictable and safe career such as law, Crusoe says,

I was sincerely affected with this discourse, and, indeed, who could be otherwise? and I resolved not to think of going abroad any more, but to settle at home according to my father’s desire.

Crusoe wants to follow his father's advice, but to his own...

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