I need an outline for my term paper about national identity in Things Fall Apart.

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Hi, hamada:

I don't exactly know your specific topic or thesis, but here's what I would highlight in terms of major points.

I. In Things Fall Apart, national identity is clearly passed down through the male patriarchy by:

A.  Titles

B. Yam production

C. Wrestling matches

D. Accumulation of cowries

E. Numbers of wives, male children, and their obis.

II. Identity is agrarian

A. Survival of male children - high importance

B. Cultivation of yams, the male crop - high importance

C. Cassavas and cocoa-yams, the female crop - secondary

III. Marriages are segregated and polygamous

A. Men have many wives in separate huts with their own children

B. Division of labor: men and women do not work together domestically or agriculturally

IV. Religion is a mystery

A. Controlled by the Priestess

B. Through Oracles, divination

C. Evil Forest dumping ground

V. Culture is integrated

A. No separate institutions

B. Economy, religion, gov't all one

VI. Fear of outsiders

A. Kill Ikemafuna because he's a threat

B. Exile outcasts and kill twins

C. Yet, they underestimate Christians (because they establish church in Evil Forest)

VII. Ceremonial Culture

A. Many proverbs

B. Guest-host customs (breaking kola nut)

C. Marriages (dowries)

D. Drums, ceremonies, food preparation

E. Masked dancers (males)

Below are some other outline ideas as well from Enotes.

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