Please name some of the Romantic elements of "The Tell Tale Heart".According to the school of Dark Romanticism

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Romanticism is movement in literature that celebrates the expression of emotion and internal conflict.  It sought to idealize the human spirit and the human soul.  Dark Romanticism, like it sounds, focused on the darker side of that human spirit, and often dealt with emotions like grief and depression.  It also dealt with mental instability.

In this story, the mental instability of the character is clear.  He has no purpose for killing his master, except that the master's eye particularly bothers him.  The narration of the story provides readers with an in-depth examination of the narrator's emotions and his murderous thoughts.  The careful description allows readers to probe into the elements of human nature that lead someone to commit murder.  Also, the pounding of the heart that the narrator hears depicts the effects of the negative emotion of grief on an individual.  The first person point of view strengthens the character analysis and better portrays these emotions.


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