Please help me find similes, metaphors, and personification in "Pocho" by José Antonio Villarrea.

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You can open up any chapter and find examples of these devices. For example, in chapter two, there is the description of the town of Santa Clara in California.

The ground was blanketed with cherry blossoms which, nudged from their perch by a clean, soft breeze, floated down like gentle snow.

In this sentence, there is a metaphor (ground blanketed with cherry blossoms), personification (nudged from their perch by the breeze), and a simile (floated down like gentle snow).

Later in that same chapter (on page 38 in my copy), Richard's mother is having a baby and he is still young, so he does not really know what is happening. He thinks she is dying, so the entire scene is a kind of extended metaphor for dying. Richard "got down like a little cat" to sneak under the blanket with his mother. There is another simile. Also, there is talk of "the mystery" -- which refers to how his mother got pregnant in the first place, so there's another metaphor. If you read this chapter, you will find many other examples.

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