please name 15 to 20 top critics of paradise lost.also mention to some essay-writers who wrote regarding paradise lost.

sbroders | Student

Classic Criticism:

Andrew Marvell

John Dryden

William Blake

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

T.S. Eliot

Modern Criticism:

C.S. Lewis (analysis of Satan from a Christian point of view)

A.J.A. Waldock (analysis of Satan as fool)

Stanley Fish (reader-response-criticism of PL)

Northtrop Frye ("The Garden Within")

Gordon Teskey (Renaissance critical theory as context)

R.J. Zwi Werblowsky (analysis of Satan as hero and fool)

Roger Shattuck (chapter "Milton in the Garden of Eden" in From Prometheus to Pornography)

Feminist Criticism:

Sarah Gilbert and Susan Gubar (chapter on "Milton's Bogey" in The Madwoman in the Attic)

Christine Froula, "When Eve Reads Milton"(questions of canon)

and the response by Edward Pechter, "When Pechter Reads Froula Pretending She's Eve Reading Milton"

Joseph Wittreich, Feminist Milton (explores Milton in the context of past and present feminism)

You can find a selection of classic and modern PL criticism in the Norton Critical Edition of PL.



nanthinii-mohan | Student


John Dryden

Dr. Johnson

William Hazlitt

S. T. Coleridge

T. S. Eliot


Matthew Arnold

were the leading critics of Milton's Paradise Lost.

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