Please list some tips on writing a good persuasive text.

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There are a number of ingredients of a successful persuasive text, and I would encourage you to examine a number of advertisements or leaflets that perform this function for you to be able to identify and see how such strategies are used. Consider some of the following strategies:

1) Use of personal pronouns to draw the reader in. Lots of ads include phrases like "We all like..." or "Have you ever...?" These are effective because they create a relationship and draw the reader in with such personal words.

2) The rule of three. A number of persuasive texts will repeat ideas but in slightly different ways by using the rule of three or triples. If a product is described as "Bigger, better and bolder" it has more impact than it just being "Bigger and better." 

3) Note too the use of alliteration in the previous example, which is something that makes slogans stand out and fixes them in our minds more clearly.

4) The use of superlatives and exaggeration is another key component of persuasive languge. Everything is "biggest" or "strongest" and exaggerated language is commonly used.

5) Lastly, consider the use of rhetorical questions and exclamatory phrases that help again draw the reader in and convince them of their need to buy a product. 

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