Please list some of the figurative language in "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut.

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Figurative language adds to the mood and meaning of a piece of literature and helps differentiate literary texts from informative or scientific works.

In this short story, Vonnegut uses alliteration. Alliteration occurs when words beginning with the same consonant are placed close to one another. An example of this is the repeated "h" sounds in:

Harrison's appearance was Halloween and hardware.

The alliteration puts extra emphasis on the words beginning with h.

Another example of alliteration, this time using "b," is when the thoughts of George, Harrison's father, flee him like "bandits from a burglar alarm."

Vonnegut also uses dialogue. When Harrison's parents, George and Hazel, converse, this illustrates how the handicapping devices have made it difficult for them to have anything but the most inane kind of conversation:

"That was a real pretty dance, that dance they just did," said Hazel.

"Huh," said George.

"That dance—it was nice," said Hazel.

Imagery is description that uses any of the...

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