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Which theatrical company did Shakespeare join?

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Shakespeare joined up as an actor, writer and shareholder (i.e. someone who partly owns the company) in a London company called the "Lord Chamberlain's Men" sometimes around 1593-4.

Some scholars believe that, before 1594, Shakespeare may have been a member of the Pembroke's Men i- but no-one is sure.

The Lord Chamberlain's Men performed very regularly, and put on many premieres of Shakespeare's plays. And, when Elizabeth I died, the new king, James I, made the company into The King's Men. With a royal patron, this was a considerable symbol of the company's status.

James came to the throne in 1603. And, on March 15, 1604, the company's nine shareholders were each supplied with four and a half yards of red cloth to be part of James' coronation procession.

Shakespeare retired from the company in 1613, but it kept going for some years without him.

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