Please interpret Cash's quote at the end and explain your reasons In the last part of the novel, Cash says “That it is better so for him. This world is not his world; this life his life.”  Do you agree? Cite examples from the novel to support your points.

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I think that Darl deserves to be free of the burdens of his family, and it is touching that Cash is able to see that Darl deserves something better. However, I concur with #2 in that he does not deserve to go to an insane asylum. What Darl needs is peace. He has lost himself, which is why he speaks in the third person, and he does deserve another life, but a better one.

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Darl is suspected and accused of being strange on several occassions in the novel, yet he is also identified as the only member of the family to show any natural feeling toward Adie as she dies. 

I have to agree that Darl's world is not "this world" but I don't think that an insane asylum is where he belongs either. Darl is different, more empathetic than others, more in tune with the subtle internal lives of those around him than other characters are, but I don't think he is crazy. 

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