Explain a theme that Stargirl represents in the novel.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The theme of individual vs. society is something that Stargirl represents.  In another sense, she embodies the theme of insider vs. outsider and how both dynamics impact the individual.  Stargirl experiences life as both insider and outsider.  Spinelli's characterization reveals how she does not change her own sense of identity even when the social classification to which she finds herself belonging changes.  Stargirl remains the same person when she is an insider and an outsider.  The thematic implication of this is the idea that if individuals find their own voice and develop the courage to embrace this reality, then they will be able to fully appreciate being in the world and what consciousness has to offer.  In this light, the thematic reality of how Stargirl goes from outsider to insider and back to outsider is a theme that Stargirl represents and has tremendous implications on the development of the novel.  It is in this light where Spinelli's main character ends up becoming a force that exists  both within and outside the novel.  To this end, Stargirl is a thematically definitive character in Leo's world and in ours, as well, because of how she embodies and places a variation on the insider/ outsider theme.