Please identify examples of figurative language in A Raisin in the Sun.

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The dialogue in A Raisin in the Sun uses numerous figures of speech that are commonly found in everyday speech. Lorraine Hansberry incorporates this type of figurative language to make the characters seem to be real people. Metaphors are frequently employed. Ruth, for example, refers to Walter’s friends as “clowns” because of their loud behavior. To indicate that she would like a more comfortable life, she uses the metaphor of “Buckingham Palace” for a luxurious home she would prefer. Walter uses the metaphor of “choking to death” to describe his feelings of being held back in his life. When Mama talks to Ruth about Walter’s idea of the liquor store, she rejects the concept of selling liquor as immoral, saying “I don’t want that on my ledger.” Similes also appear in their speech. Mama combines one with an allusion and personification when she says that yesterday she had seen a cockroach “marching… like Napoleon.”

Ruth also uses hyperbole , extreme exaggeration, when she...

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