What is the effect of the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965 on students?

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ESEA is a government initiative that began back when Lyndon B. Johnson was president and declared a "War on Poverty". The economic situation was hurting the average American student, for which the government took it upon itself to centrally fund education, specifically government and parochial schools, through the provision of the following services:

  • Title I- Federally funded to support students who struggle academically..
  • Title II- Provides professional development opportunities for teachers and aligning curricula with Common Core Standards.
  • Title III- Provides support, services, and education to ELL's (English Language learners)

Therefore, ESEA’s main goal is to assure that all students have the same opportunities for academic support. This affects students in a positive way, regardless of whether you favor the Title I, II, III programs, because at least ESEA lifts the burden of a bad economy from the potential academic success of the future citizens of this country.

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