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Please help with some ideas and interview questions for this essay.  Have to interview someone with the job we're majoring in and write a 4-5 page essay with quotes in APA format. The major is Music.  Thanks!

Expert Answers

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The first person I would think of interviewing is a composer--someone who writes music and who would likely have a music degree. The compositions do not have to be long symphonies. Those who compose the background music for TV and movies are composers too. 

Some of the questions I would ask:

  • What are some of the other occupations that make use of a music degree?
  • What do most of those occupations get paid?
  • Where do you get your inspirations?
  • What intangible benefits are there to this line of work?
  • How do you find just the right tone to fit the mood of a scene? 

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