Why would the colors yellow, green and pink be used on a magazine cover to attract female anime fans?

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ophelious eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The psychological affect of of color on marketing is an interesting topic for study, but it is not a precise science.  Everyone responds differently to color depending on their culture, gender, age, and other factors.

In general, the colors yellow, green, and pink could be a good way to market an anime magazine to female fans.  Let's look at those colors, but remember, the "meanings" of colors varies depending on whose book you read.

  • YELLOW: Yellow is very good at getting a person's attention because it is very bright.  Like the sun, yellow is a symbol of energy and activity.  Like a lot of the art in the anime style, yellow is overpowering in large doses.
  • GREEN: Green is a good contrast to yellow because it is easier for the eye to take in, so it would balance the yellow out.  Like grass and leaves, green is a reminder of nature.  Perhaps the marketing department would feel that women would be more interested in having something "organic"  on the cover.
  • PINK: This is the most obvious color to use.  Pink is strongly associated with femininity and girls in general.  It's a softer color that has a calming effect.  It could be used in conjunction with yellow to reduce eye fatigue.  Pink is also on the opposite side of the color wheel from yellow and green (which are nearer each other) and this might make for an nice contrast.

As an aside, anime drawings do often use hair color to symbolize the personality of characters.  This may be difficult to back up with documentation, though it is felt by readers: Pink is often used for cheery, cute girls, green for good natured but confused characters, and blond in either the self-serving or ditsy.

arrellbelle | Student

Yellow, Green, and Pink are considered to be very feminine colors as they represent a spring like quality. If you look at the colors individually:

  • Yellow: Can be seen to represent the young or the youth and the personality of someone who is happy or always positive.
  • Green: Can represent something natural and refreshing.
  • Pink: Can represent femininity, childishness, and daintiness.
ik9744 | Student

I'm not a girl but if I was a girl I was say because it's more attracting then other colors. Just like how I am more attracted to black, blue, and red.

zumba96 | Student

I would say colors like Pink, Light Blue, Green if you are talking about colors on clothes because if you are talking about hair that's a different story...but for clothes blue, green, and pink are I think great choices because blue is calm and a great color on anybody, pink naturally makes a lot of clothing choices even cuter for some girls, and green would stand out for a border since it is more popping