Please, help in starting off on a thesis about Stem Cell Research. Thanks.

Expert Answers
wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Often, in starting an essay or debate, there is an obvious controversy built into the subject.  Here, the question of the moral or ethical legitimacy of Stem Cell research is open to question, not only the use of embryos but the actual right of Man to invent and create new life.  A good essay, however, might begin by examining a less obvious controversy, such as the question of what is meant by “improvement.”  While it may seem fairly obvious why using stem cell technology to repair damage to a body (like cosmetic repair to burn victims, etc.) is a positive investment, what about stem cell technologies that “improve” a person’s sexual attractiveness or self-importance?  In other words, a good essay might begin with a thesis statement that challenges the assumed value of stem-cell technology itself.  When beginning an essay, the thesis in question should be stated in a provocative but supportable way that excites the reader to read on and see how the thesis could be argued.