Please help solve anagram:  It is either Close by they seek his return at the red home.   OR they seek his return at the red home.I need help with this as soon as possible.   Thank you!

Expert Answers
ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don’t think you’ve given us quite enough information with regard to your anagram. What type of solution are we looking for? To what subject area does it pertain? Is this a literature. social studies, science, etc puzzle? Without some specific information to guide us, it is nearly impossible to get a sensible or accurate solution to the puzzle. With that being said, there are several websites that might be of help in this problem. Keep in mind, that many of them have a length requirement, so that might be limiting, and it is possible that if it is not a common phrase for which you are looking, the anagram solvers might have some difficulty as well. Just “givoogle” anagrams.

greywolf49 | Student

I don't know if this helps at all, but the numbers are map coordinates, 38.91347966-77.03651520 drops you off on 16th st. between S and R st. in District of Columbia. see batchcode link below, as for the anagram, one of the places we got a clue already I imagine, will direct us back to .com/encrypter one more time ?  Let me know please when you get answer to this 8th clue. Patrick


dspaude | Student

Not sure why my post was removed, but the question is related to a clue in the Grand National Challenge which has a prize of $10,000. If anyone answers this question, then he or she should be allowed to share in that prize.