Why are funerals one of the many things that government has eliminated in Fahrenheit 451?

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After Montag witnesses a woman commit suicide with her books, he begins to second-guess his occupation and decides to call off sick from work. However, Captain Beatty is suspicious that Montag is having doubts about becoming a fireman and pays him a visit. While Montag is lying in bed, Captain Beatty explains to him why censorship laws were enacted and the fireman institution was founded. Beatty explains to Montag that society began to have mass and the vast majority of citizens became annoyed by critics, authors, and intellectuals. The population stopped reading on its own and preferred to engage in meaningless, thrilling activities that made them happy. Instead of engaging in serious self-analysis and improving their dystopian society, the citizens supported laws that censored literature and banned intellectual pursuits.

In addition to banning literature and diminishing educational standards, funerals became illegal because they made people feel unhappy. Beatty...

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