Please help to provide examples of chapters from Hawthorne's novel The Scarlet Letter where the words "naught" or "naughty" are found.

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In a search of the online text of The Scarlet Letter, there appear to be 8 uses of the word "naughty"  (or bad/failure) in the novel. The word naught turns up no hits.

The examples are as follows:

On page 277- "Mistress Hibbins says my father is the prince of the air!"cried Pearl with a naughty smile.

Page 152 - The child probably overheard their voices; for looking up to the window with a bright, but naughty smile of mirth and intelligence, she threw one of the prickly burrs at the Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale.

P. 205- "Hold thy tongue, naughty child!" answered her mother...

P. 125-"...or art thou one of those naughty elfs or fairies whom we thought to have left behind us..."

P.121- That look of naughty merriment was likewise reflected in the mirror

P. 175 - " she glanced upward at the minister, wore that naughty smile which made it's expression frequently..."

P. 238- "Leap across the brook, naughty child, and run hither!

P.201-"...the naughty child picked up her apron full of pebbles..."

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