How are Ralph and Jack effective or ineffective leaders in Lord of the Flies?

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I don't believe either Ralph or Jack proves to be an effective leader. They are both selected by the boys during their simple election process because they are the two oldest boys. Jack, of course, is already the authoritarian chief of the choir, so it is logical that he is considered. However, Jack does not really believe in the democratic process, and he doesn't consider all of the boys--especially the younger ones--as equals. Jack easily loses focus when he becomes addicted to the blood lust of the hunt for pigs. Even as a second in command, he is unable to fulfill his duty of keeping the fire going. Ralph is a better choice, but he doesn't use his ally, Piggy, in a proper manner, nor does he show loyalty toward him. After Ralph loses control, he eventually becomes content to join with those who have deserted him.

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