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Please help me with this presentation on explaining the quote and proving it with a story. Thanks.

- Give a two-minute oral presentation.

- Explain the following proverb/ quote. What does it mean to you? Include details of a story (your own or of someone you know) that proves it to be true or false to you.

- Success is a journey, not a destination.

- The presentation will be marked for delivery, content and accuracy. Good presentations should be well-organised, interesting and with accurate grammar and pronunciation.

Please help. A great thanks.

Expert Answers

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“Success is a journey, not a destination” is a very famous quote. It can be used in reference to many situations. I will explain the meaning of the quote and share some ideas you can use in developing your story.

This quote means that becoming successful will take you on a path with many twists and turns. It is rare that a person’s path to success is a straight-line path without detours. As a person becomes successful, the person will experience many different events and activities. Learning from these situations helps a person become successful. Sometimes this means a person will have failures or setbacks on his or her journey. What a person learns from these setbacks will help him or her on the quest for success. It also is important to enjoy each step of the path on the journey to success. There are many exciting opportunities and experiences one can have if the person views success as a journey. If success is viewed as a destination, one may miss out on these opportunities because the focus is on getting there (to the goal) as quickly as possible.

Sports teams often use this quote. It means that to be successful will require a lot of hard work, effort, and sacrifice. There will be bumps in the road or setbacks that team will experience along the way. If the team learns from these setbacks, it will make the team stronger and will pave the path towards reaching the goals (the destination) set by the team.

I have seen this quote used by people as they try to advance in their careers to reach their ultimate goals. The same ideas apply in this situation as mentioned above with the example of sports teams.

Learning from and enjoying the journey will make reaching the goals you set (the success) much more satisfying in most situations.

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