What is the plot of Ulysses by James Joyce? What are the main events experienced or actions taken by each of the three protagonists?

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The plot of Ulysses by James Joyce revolves around the events occurring in a twenty-four hour period in the city of Dublin to a group of closely related characters. Much of the narrative uses a literary technique called "stream-of-consciousness" in which we encounter the unmediated internal thoughts of the characters. In many ways, the plot is structured to imitate that of Homer's Odyssey (note that Ulysses is the Latinized form of the Greek name Odysseus). The three main characters are Stephen Dedalus, Leopold Bloom, and Molly Bloom.

Stephen Dedalus (the modern Telemachus): Gets up in the morning, talks with his friend Buck Mulligan, and then teaches for a half day, and then walks on the beach. Later, he goes out drinking with friends, where he meets Bloom a friend of his father. Stephen and his friend Buck leave the bar to visit a brothel and get in a fight with British soldiers. Bloom takes the injured Stephen back to his own house and they talk, but Stephen eventually decides to return to his own rooms, where the novel started.

Leopold Bloom (the modern Odysseus): Has his own breakfast as well as fetching breakfast for his cat and his wife Molly. He goes to the post office to pick up a letter from a woman with whom he has a pseudonymous erotic correspondence. He attends a funeral, runs errands, and eventually ends up at a pub where he meets Stephen. Then he follows Stephen to the red light district, where Stephen gets injured and Bloom assists him and then invites Stephen to his house. Much of the novel consists of Bloom's fantasies, memories, and speculations.

Molly Bloom (the modern Penelope):  The story of Molly also begins with breakfast. We discover that Molly has been having an affair, and much of her section consists of sexual and romantic fantasies and memories. 

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