Please help me to use the following oxymorons in sentences to illustrate their meaning: a cruel kindness and fiercely peaceful, a human robot. thank you very much!!!!!!!

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I think "tough love" is the basic idea of cruel kindness -- making someone do something really hard which is for their own good.  So, for example, you could say:

The drill sergeant forced them to run every day until they dropped, so they could build the stamina they would need in combat. 


Fiercely peaceful brings to mind Gandhi and Martin Luther King, who were fiercely committed to non-violent protest.  An example sentence might be:

The protesters were fiercely peaceful, holding their ground despite being sprayed with water hoses and showered with tear gas.  


A human robot would be a real person whose behavior is robotic.  For example:

In the early days of assembly lines, human robots did exactly the same small task over and over again for hours on end.

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In the short story, "The Necklace", Madame Forriester's loan of the necklace proved to be a cruel kindness because she never told Madame Loisel it was fake. When Madame Loisel lost the necklace, she assumed it was real and put herself in debt to pay for a "fake" piece of jewelry.

2. Henry David Thoreau was a fiercely peaceful man, going to jail rather than have his taxes pay for a war for which he did not agree.

3. Bartelby was supposed to be a human robot, cranking out copies of perfect manuscripts day in and day out.

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