Please help me understand and summrize the part : Reading for the plot by Peter's main idea!!

kc4u | Student

Peter Brooks is an interesting literary critic who uses a good deal of psychoanalysis in his study of narratives. He is a sort of a narratologist, informed by psychoanalytical insights.

Reading for the Plot is a a piece of narratological literary criticism, where Brooks analyzes narratives and talks about not just its structure, construction or constitution but also traces the functioning of desire in narrative. In the 'talking cure' i.e. psychoanalysis, what is at stake is fundamentally nothing but storytelling or narrative acts.

Using this basic psychoanalytic correspondence, Brooks examines the commencement, complication and especially the closure of narratives to behold a pattern of desire that of the reder being manipulated as well as the authorial desire at the helm of the structuring of desire through structuring of narrative.