Please help me select a topic for my thesis related to human resource management.

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There can be a large number of options and you can choose either a case study format for your thesis or a study of the contemporary literature. Here are some options:

  • Role of HR in minimizing the attrition rate of entry level positions: High attrition rates are observed at entry level positions, especially in the engineering industry (e.g., software industry). What practices can HR employ to minimize the attrition?- better compensation packages, higher job satisfaction, etc. Similar study can also be carried out for attrition at higher levels (managers and higher) and the highest levels (CFO, CEO, COO, etc.). You can also compare the HR strategies at these three levels.
  • Measuring employee satisfaction in multi-national corporations (MNC): MNCs employ people of different nationalities, ethnicities and beliefs. Can a single "best fit" HR approach work for everyone or do we need region specific HR policies?  
  • Effectiveness of Work-life balance approaches: Work-life balance is a significant parameter in determining employee satisfaction. What strategies can HR employ (e.g., flexible hours, working from home, time-off, paid family holidays, etc.) and what is their effectiveness? 

These topics can be used for either a case study format or literature review format thesis. 

Hope this helps.

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