Please help me put these vocabulary words together in one paragraph: Complimentary, denizen, dichotomy, exemplify, exotic, invest, paramount, pragmatic, replica and stylized.

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest you start by determining the part of speech for each of your vocabulary words.  This might help you create relationships that would allow you to put the words to use. Exemplify and invest are verbs; complimentary, exotic, paramount, pragmatic, stylized could be used as adjectives; and so on.

You need to create a paragraph that uses all these words in a sensible context. Perhaps you need to write about someone who has money to invest. This person's paramount concern is getting a good return for investment, so s/he is researching purchase of exotic art. Someone else might advise that stylized replicas are not good values and that a more pragmatic purchase might be in another area. This might give you a start. It can be done, but will take some imagination and planning!

beefheart | Student

It is paramount you invest in a complimentary, exotic, replica of a 15th century Kabul denizen (for just $14.99.) They exemplify the dichotomy between the stylized and the pragmatic.

(Piece of cake ;-)