Please help me put all these words to make a whole paragraph employment training enterperneur company business services products facilities suppliers taxes enterprise demand future

missvadeleg | Student

As an entrepreneur, I have learned many things about running a business.  I did not have formal training in landscaping, but I knew there was a demand for this service in my area and believed I could create an enterprise to fill this need. I began by creating a list of services that Allen Landscaping could supply such as grass cutting, yard cleanup, and planter design.  Eventually I bought two small facilities where I could receive shipments from suppliers such as local nurseries, and store products such as fertilizer and mulch.  As my business grew, I eventually expanded my employment to about 15 workers. Due to recent success, Allen Brothers Landscaping recently became a company when my brother (who also owns a landscaping business) and I determined we had a high future rate and could afford the taxes for a large company, so we combined our two businesses.