Please help me identify simple subjects and predicatesIdentify the simple subjects and predicates in the following sentences. (Please correct my mistakes please) 1. When will we get to Malika's...

Please help me identify simple subjects and predicates

Identify the simple subjects and predicates in the following sentences. (Please correct my mistakes please)

1. When will we get to Malika's house?
2. There was never any doubt about the outcome of the game.
3. It all started on the first day of spring.
4. What have you done with your shoes?
5. Higher and higher rose the balloon, clearing the trees and finally disappearing from sight.
6. Never have I seen such a shocking display!
7. Inside the cave ran a network of passageways, leading deeper into the side of the mountain.
8. Down from the Rockies flows the Columbia River, travelling thousands of kilometres on its way to the Pacific Ocean.

Expert Answers
bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The simple subject of a sentence is the noun or pronoun that is the who or what of the sentence. The simple predicate is the verb, either showing the action in the sentence or linking the subject to the rest of the sentence. For example:

            The young girl raced across the busy street.

In this sentence, the simple subject is girl, and the simple predicate is raced. You could ask who or what is the sentence about and what did the who or what do.

In the sentences you have given, you must ask certain questions to determine the subject and verb. To determine the simple subject, ask "who" or "what" is doing the action. For the simple predicate, ask what is being done by the subject. When you have an interrogative sentence (a question), change it into a statement and that will help you to find the simple subject and predicate. When trying to determine the simple predicate, don't forget about helping verbs. They are part of the simple predicate.

                    John is helping his brother.

In this sentence, "is helping" is the simple predicate, not just "helping".

You should also be careful with prepositional phrases. They begin with such words as on, over, about, through, and of and include the object of the preposition and any words describing the object. No part of these phrases can be your simple subject or predicate.

I hope this helps.


M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ok, your question is made of several parts and we can only address it in general.

In every sentence, the simple subjects are the most important noun while in preds the most important word is a verb.

Keep in mind that your selections are made of ONE word, that is, whatever you selected must be ONE noun and ONE verb.

If not, consider which is the most important word within each chunk, and choose that one.